Client Portfolio

A small sampling of Precsion Programming Services, Inc. customers:

Aerospace: Aerospace Manufacturing Corp, Applied Aerospace Structures, ITT Aerospace Controls, L.A. Gauge Company, SpaceAge Control

Medical: Advanced Bionics, Classic Wirecut, Mico-Tech

Entertainment: Disney, Crossfire, WET Design, Alt’s Tool and Machine

Aircraft: Aeroshear, Air Master, Aircraft Hinge, C&D Zodiac, Dinnucci, Corporation, PCC/Avibank, Crissair, PCC/Sierracin, Lansair

Automobile: Honda Performance, Snugtop, Westcoast Cylinder Heads

Military: A Group, Anmar Precision Components, Crater Industries, Beranek Inc., Klune Industries, Survival Systems

Communications: Centerpoint Manufacturing, Microwave Communications, LLC

Mold Making: Elite Mold, Glenair, Hicock Inc., Valencia Plastics

Second Tier Contracting: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman Corp, SpaceX, Litton Corp., GE

Please feel free to contact us for any questions relating to any of our services or to get a quote.